Camelot V - Update 7
July 11/99

Sailing Tahiti to Pago Pago

We stayed in Tahiti far longer than we planned, but it was just hard to get a way. But finally around the 20 th of June we sailed over to Moorea and anchored in Cooks Bay along side our friends on Moonshadow Four. So with good friends to visit with and the warm clear water as well as a pleasant village ashore we enjoyed Moorea for four or five days then sailed on an overnight crossing for Huahini. With a fresh soueaster behind us we made good time and had to reduce sail to get slowed down enough for a morning entry into Huahini where we would spend another five or six days. Again beautiful clear warm water. And friends on Windflower sailed in a day before we left for Bora Bora on another overnighter. Again arriving early in the morning and found Moonshadow Four anchored in front of the village. So again anchored near by.
We originally planned to stay here a week or more but were having trouble with our anchor windless and decided after a few days to make for American Samoa and get our repairs ordered.
Dale with Mahimahi
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So in about five days we found ourselves waving good bye to Windflower and sailing on to the west. Well - powering really for we had no wind for the first 16 hours. But did manage to catch a nice 25 lbs. Mahimahi and a few days later a nice Yellowfin Tuna. Also the winds did pick up enough that we had a slow easy sail for 10 days into Pago Pago Harbor.
Now! Pago Pago! This is different!
Not all bad but after the clean clear water we were used to it is a bit of a shocker. Pago Pago is a commercial Harbor with two large fish canning plants and a lot of large fishing boats working out of here. Now when I say large fishing boats, one day I counted 15 with there own helicopter on board.
The water in the harbor is deplorably filthy. The village is full of very nice people, even if the garbage could be controlled better it is a very nice place. The Bus service around the island is very good. And it is a nice change to be in an English speaking country again after almost a year.
There are about 15 cruising sailboats in the harbor now although some of them appear to have been here for along time the rest come and go a few each day and there is plenty of room to anchor although the holding is not good. There are a few mooring buoys but not enough to go around.
Windflower caught up to us again here so we had a couple days of visits with them before they moved on.
I will be staying here for over a month as Muriel is flying home to go to a favorite nieces wedding. She leaves in a couple days so I'll have to get busy on some boat chores and I suppose dig out the old cook book again.

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