Camelot V - Update 5
Feb. 15/99

La Paz Mexico

Feb. 15/99
Wow ! We've been here now for over two months and it is time to move on.
La Paz is a very nice small city with great restaurants and very friendly helpful citizens.
Our son and daughter and there families came down and spent Christmas with us. Of course it was so nice to have all thirteen of us together for a Mexican Christmas. We and about thirty other boat loads of cruisers had a lovely Christmas pot luck dinner on the beach on Christmas day.
Christmas Tree Muriel + Dale
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Although La Paz has been a nice place to visit the weather is none to warm here in the winter and the water temperature of down to 68 degrees is more than enough to keep me out of it. Heading south instead of north from Cabo San Lucas would have been a better way to go for those of us who enjoy the hot sun.
We have now almost finished re provisioning for our crossing to the South Pacific with plenty of selections to choose from here. La Paz is truly a good place to reprovision.
We should be leaving here in another two or three days going to Cabo San Lucas. Where Muriel will be leaving the ship for awhile and I will sail to Tahiti with a crew. Muriel will rejoin me in Tahiti and the crew will return home to jobs, work and taxes taxes taxes.
Ain't life great !

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