Camelot V - Update 13

Tonga to Fiji

Our first part of Tongan life was spent going to the airport and back. Troy and Mike caught planes home and my son Warren and his oldest boy Michael arrived. Then a day or two later Jason arrive on the beach with his bags in his hands.
Michael - Tuna-
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We spent a few days enjoying the anchorages around Neafu. Snorkeling, diving, checking out the caves and 'pot luck' meals on the beach. Before checking out for Fiji.
Now this is how sailing in the tropics should be. The SE trades blowing gently on our port quarter at 10 to 20 knots. We had a great 4 day sail to Suva. Warren and Michael each caught a couple of fish so we ate very well all the way across.
Tex and Jason left the boat in Suva and Warren, Michael and I continued on to Lautoka and Vuda Point Marina. We then met my daughter in law Shauna at Nadi and spent two weeks sailing around the Mamanuka Islands. We stopped at Musket Cove on Malolo Lailai Island, Mana Island, Castaway Island, and Navadra Anchorage.
At Musket Cove we walked Malolo Island, relaxed by the pool at the resort and went snorkeling.
At Mana Island we enjoyed the company at the backpacker hostel and walks on the island.
Shauna at Castaway Island
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At Castaway Island, the island on which ‘Tom Hanks’ movie ‘Castaway’ was made. Real name of the island is Monoriki Island. We explored the island and snorkelled the crystal clear water and sat on our own private beach. Tom Hanks had been rescued by the time we got there.
Navandra Anchorage was calm and again clear water for snorkeling and a nice sandy beach to our selves.
It was then time for Warren, Shauna and Michael to leave for home so we sailed back over to Vuda Point and in a day or two we waved goodbye at Nadi Airport and I was alone again.
But not for too long.
Muriel arrived at Nadi in a couple of weeks and we had four glorious months to enjoy Fiji's Mamanuka and Yasawa Islands. Finishing with the Musket Cove regatta week in September.
Then back to Vuda Point Marina to get Camelot V ready to be put on the hard for a few months while Muriel and I would spend some time back in Canada with our kids and grand kids.


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