Camelot V - Update 16

Australia to Vanuatu
May to July 2003
Fish For Supper
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The last two months in Australia was spent mostly on getting ready for the trip back across the Pacific to Canada.
I pulled the engine out and had it checked over, rebuilt the wind generator, had the salt water cooling pump rebuilt, hauled out and did the bottom paint.
Our grandson Justin was still in Australia and he and his friend Shaun planned to sail to Vanuatu with me. After the bottom paint we got Camelot V back in the water got our supplies bought carried aboard and stowed.
And shortly after noon on May 20th we had Bundaberg Port Marina on our stern. We powered out through the leads leading into the Burnett River and around the north end of Fraser Island before we got wind. Lovely 10 to 20 knot from the north. With the wind on our beam we made good time for a few day before the wind swung around from the east and then southeast.
Basic Travel
We had two days of beating to get around the south end of New California. Then when we altered our course more to the north to make for Tanna Island we had the wind on our beam again. With 20 to 30 Knots of SE trades on our starboard beam we again made good time and arrived in Port Resolution on Tanna Island Vanuatu may 30th. There were 5 or 6 boats in Port Resolution when we arrived. Three of them were waiting to clear customs, two of them for over a week. We checked in with the village chief and were told not to worry the officials would come and check us in someday.
Port Resolution is a darling of a place. There is no electricity and only a fair weather road leading to the village and bay.
We eventually had the chief phone for a small truck to come for us and take us all in to the main town to check in with the officials.
The truck arrive at 06:00 next morning and we all piled in - 14 - of us. Two in the front with the driver and the rest in the back of a 'small pickup truck' or 'ute' as the Aussies say. The 25 miles to Isangle took two hours. We all got check in, had lunch, did our shopping and had a brief rest. Then time to start our journey back across the island and to stop on the way to see the volcano. The volcano was awesome and we arrived back in Port resolution well after dark. All of us tired but happy. We stayed a couple more days on Tanna Island before leaving on a short overnight sail to Erromango Island.
Tanna Island
Erromango is another enchanting place. And like all Pacific out island inhabited with very friendly people. On our morning of arrival David paddled out with some fresh fruit to welcome us to the island. Later Justin and Shaun met some young fellows who took them pig hunting. They have no guns so hunt the pigs with dogs and spears. They came home with two pigs, everyone enjoyed the day. Well except maybe for the pigs and the dog that got a tusk tear down its side. We were invited to a feast the next day but a hurricane was in the area and threatening to come our way so we had to leave.
Another over night run up to Port Vila. This one with 25 to 40 knots so a bit of a rough night. We arrived in port Vila just after daybreak. After getting our anchor down we had wild pig and eggs for breakfast.
Tex and Grete
Port Vila is a fully modern little city. We spent the rest of our time in Vanuatu here and in the anchorages around here except for one trip to Cooks reef on a diving excursion.
Our time in Vanuatu soon came to an end. It was time for Justin and Shaun to go back to Australia to find work.
Friends Tex and Grete arrived to sail the next leg to Tuvalu with me. I said good bye to Justin and Shaun at the air port and the new crew and I started watching weather for a good opportunity to start out for Tuvalu.

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