Camelot V - Update 15

Australia - May 2003

What A great place Australia is. We had such a good time while there. It also helped that we had a nice stream of visitors.
My sister Corinne and her husband Glen in October, friends Tex and Grete in December, daughter Brenda and son-in-law Ben in January and grandson Justin in February. As well as all the very nice Australians and cruisers we met made our stay so very pleasant.
The 1986 Mazda we bought served us very well on our excursions around Bundaberg, up and down the miles and miles of beautiful coast and out onto the Outback.
I'll post a few pictures here to try to show some of the experiences we encountered.


Visit From Corinne And Glen
Meeting The Natives Studying The Termites 40 Degrees In The Outback

Visit From Tex And Grete

Tex, Grete and Kids were in Australia over Christmas. So we rented and apartment next to them on Caloundra Beach for a week. They later moved to Bagarra Beach where we had more pleasant times before they left for home.
Coloundra Beach Sunset From The Balcony Mark And Muriel
Michelle And Mellisa Christmas Tree Bagara Beach

Visit From Ben and Brenda

We spent a few days at Coloundra Beach, then traveled up to Bundaberg and on out onto the outback. We had a great time and saw a quite a bit of Queensland and a lot of kangaroos and emus. Ben did most of the driving and made a rule that each motel we stopped at had to have swimming pool. We all enjoyed the pools.
Caloundra Beach Koala - Brenda Driving The Outback Resting At A Motel
Roadside Flowers Bottle Tree Cooling Off Travelers Lunch

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