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Bowron Lakes Family Canoe Trip

Bowron Lake Park in British Columbia Canada in which is the Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit encompasses a 116 km chain of lakes, streams, rivers and connecting portages and ending where it starts.
The complete circuit is 116 kilometers. About 85 kilometers of lake canoeing, 11 Kilometers of portage and the rest stream and river canoeing. The summer of 2010 some of my family and I after much planing were ready to canoe the Bowron Lakes. Our crew consisted of Me, Son in law Ben, Son Warren, Daughter in law Shauna, Grand Kids Justin, Michelle, Flaxee, Jareh, Rhayl and Justins friend Jen. Ten people in all.
Warren and I had done the trip before in about 1975 when Warren would have been 11 years old. The rest of the crew had none or very little canoeing experience.
We rented three canoes and portage wheels from Beckers Lodge and I had my aluminum canoe.
We arrived at the lakes on a sunny day hearing stories of steady rain for the past two weeks. With all our gear unloaded four canoes to take it all and 10 people we wondered if there would be enough room for us all. But we found a place for everything and everyone and got on our way.
Bowron Lakes Map Getting loaded Getting started Warren and Jareh on portage
The circuit starts with a short portage then a paddle across a small lake and another portage to Isaac Lake. We paddled a few miles into Isaac Lake and made our first camp.
Rest time First Camp Camp Supper time
Day two started with thick fog but it burned off quickly. We had a good paddle around the corner of Isaac Lake and about half way down the long arm. The day turned out to be beautiful and sunny.
In the fog Flaxee - pulling her weight Making camp Camp site two
Rhayl and Jareh Fishing Fishing Next morning
Day Three
A beautiful evening to end a beautiful day and the boys caught a few Lake Trout to top it all off.
Shauna at lunch stop Warren and Jareh Flaxee and Michelle Caribou and Calf
Near the end of the long paddle down Isaac Lake we saw a caribou and her calf swimming across the lake. Flaxee and Michelle paddled hard to get near enough for a photo. I had to use my telephoto lens.
Isaac Lake Camp Three Getting reloaded White Water!
Camp Site Three was at the south end of Isaac Lake so we had plenty of time to scout the "White Water" and the Creek that flowed below.
Just as we leave Isaac Lake there is a small rapids with actual white water. It is a short stretch and not really large waves. But for canoers with our experience it is enough to create excitement.
Flaxee, Shauna and I went through first with no incident and the rest followed with equal skill.
The end of a portage off on another canoe stretch Lanezi Lake Lunch stop
The Creek below Isaac Lake has a series of portages and canoe stretches. With one water falls that is well marked for safety. It made for an interesting day with all the unloading, packing and reloading the canoes and gear. All went well and on reaching the Caraboo River the water changed from crystal clear to glacial silt grey.
Shauna and Jareh Warren and Shauna Peaceful
Camp site four was on the north shore of Lanezi Lake. We reach camp fairly early so had a relaxing evening around camp.
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