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Day One

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Sara, Justin and I decided to take a short canoe, camping, fishing trip on the South Saskatchewan River. We live in Medicine Hat Alberta so our plan is to put in north of Bow Island where Secondary Highway 879 crosses the river and take three days going the 85 kilometer trip.
We have a 17 foot Osagian aluminum canoe with a four horsepower out board motor. So we expect a easy relaxing trip.
In the first picture we have the canoe in the river and are finishing getting all our camping and fishing equipment loaded.

A few miles down river we stopped to investigate the old derelict house along the shore. It was very wrecked and the cows had been tramping through it for many years, but had been someone's home at one time.

In a nice sunny place just up stream from the first fishing hole
we stop and have lunch.

Once we had lunch we got our fishing gear out and got serious about fishing.
And in a short time Justin had a fish on. Not a big fish but a 'FISH'.

Justin with his Lake Sturgeon.

Me with my Sturgeon.
After the first two fish we fished for quite a while with no luck so decided to move over about 50 feet.

We fished here for a while when Sara got a bite.
She got tired so Justin played it a while then gave the rod back to Sara.
We saw the fish jump a few times and got it near the canoe a couple of times so we knew it was a good sized fish.
Finally Sara got it along side the canoe and I was able to get a rope around it's tail and pull it aboard.

And Walla! What a fish! When we got it measured it was 52 inches long.
A long way from a record but a good size for a Lake Sturgeon.

That was a good work out. And a lot of fun.
But time now to go find a camp spot and make supper.
We found a nice spot on the river bank to camp for the night.
Got camp made and supper on the way.

Enjoying a beautiful evening Sitting around the fire after Making some hot chocolate Watching the fire

We have had a very pleasant and interesting day.
But bed time coming soon.

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