South Saskatchewan River Canoe Trip P2

Days two and three

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Camelot V Sailing

Dempster Highway

Canoeing River 2006

Waterton Park Hiking

West Coast Trail 2009

Bowron Lakes Canoeing 2010

River Camping 2012

A Golden Eagle sits on the river bank near his nest and watches us pass.

Sara and Justin on a hike along the river.

Justin having a nap as we float along.

The fishing was not as exciting on the second day.
Justin releases a sucker.

Our good looking crew.
Sara, Justin and Dale.

Our camp spot for the second night.
Justin preparing his tent.

Justin cooking supper.
It looks like he might have a fire in his pan.
A good sign that things are warm enough.

Sara and Justin reading after supper.

Justin making hot chocolate again.

Sara and Justin.
On a moon lit night.

Sara cooking breakfast.

We didn't fish much on this last day as I had to be in Medicine Hat early in the afternoon.
We did have a good and relaxing trip with some nice fishing on the first day.